Patrick Hill

Wealth Strategy Expert

Patrick Hill is a certified financial advisor and tenured business consultant. He has helped hundreds of families with retirement planning, life insurance strategies, and long-term financial structuring. Patrick started his career in life insurance and financial services at MetLife as a financial advisor, where he found his passion for financial literacy and helping people and carried that passion through his relationship with Safe Money Partners as a firm partner.

Patrick earned his B.A. in Economics from the University of Cincinnati before working as an avid community leader in Dayton, Ohio. Patrick has always been eager to share his knowledge of the industry while educating his clients through school, faith-based, employee group, labor union, and community organization based programming. Patrick was appointed as trustee on the financial board for Restoration Church due to his trustworthiness and his strong financial background.

Patrick is trained, skilled, and highly-competent with assisting clients through executive level compensation packages, risk management, tax-free retirements, asset protection, wealth transferring, legacy planning, income replacement, long-term care options, and final expense options.

Patrick is responsible for company wealth retention strategies, wealth allocation, financial advisement, and economic business solutions for the family of J.C. Baker & Associates companies and individual clients.

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