Joe Toth

Technology Solutions Expert

Joe Toth is the co-founder and CTO of Tierfive Inc, an Information Technology firm specializing in technology solutions and consulting for small to medium size businesses. Prior to co-founding Tierfive, Joe worked as an Executive Vice President of Information & Technology in the financial industry for 15 years. As a Member of the J.C. Baker Board of Directors, Joe leverages his decades of executive experience in IT, to develop and road map strategic technology solutions for J.C. Baker and Associates.

TierFive focuses on providing holistic solutions, to the plethora of IT issues today’s companies face, from Security and CIO consulting to App development and hosting. We bring decades of experience in Network Security, Data Center Design, Business Continuity, and Enterprise Content Management including Paper and Electronic Forms Automation, Document Management and Fax Automation we integrate these technologies into any business based on the unique needs of its niche or situation.

Our approach is not tied to a single solution or idea we as work to understand the business problem and then apply a proven technology solution testing every solution to ensure the pieces fit together and integrate into your line of business as designed.

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