Custom Training


This is our proprietary leadership training method. Transformational Leadership Productivity Theory is comprised of the four constructs of Transformational Leadership developed by Bass and Avolio in 1978 and enhanced by verified by the doctoral research and work by J.C. Baker.
This level of training is to enhance the understanding of leadership styles and the manifested result each style brings. Leadership is not a born trait reserved for a select few but a skill to be developed by anyone looking to increase. If you do not know the three most prevalent leadership models, you may be endangering your company.


LMX - Differentiated Leadership 

An extremely important aspect of leadership is the relationship between the appointed leadership and the members. The leader-member exchange along with differentiated leadership efforts determine the altitude of execution in the workplace.
We train appointed leaders the appropriate manner to exercise corporate justice, highlight superstar talent, and encourage below average performers. We teach multiple levels of commitment and how to leverage the skill, talent, and abilities of every member associated with the organization.


Leadership Training 

General leadership training is offered in group or individual settings. We take the core concepts and beliefs of the organization and translate them into tangible leadership methods to be leveraged by the appointed leader.
This training differs from TMXPT, LMX and executive coaching due to the corporate nature of the training for benefit of a general audience. This form of training benefits companies with multiple locations or satellite offices but looking for a consistent message, consistent understanding, and corporate agreement.



Organizations and companies looking to provide information or learn new concepts to assist with productivity may elect to involve their members in retreat, workshop, or conference. Our world-class keynote speakers, teachers, and facilitators will enhance the experience and connectivity of any corporate event. We provide technology, digital modules, group lessons, and course curriculum to intensify corporate messaging and concepts.​

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Sales Training

The most important skill you can learn in any industry is the ability to "sell".  The reality is that everyone in the world is a sales person...You are either a good one, or a bad one and you are not aware.

Let our verifiably GREAT sales trainings take you or your business to a higher level!!!

Team Building

In order for any organization to increase at any level, leveraging every member of the team, and having the appropriate team is crucial. Winning comes from building a cohesive team with shared values.
Let our winning team and proven methods assist you in your team building efforts. From hiring strategies to team building exercises, we can facilitate a formal method for great team building and overall corporate success paramount for duplication.