Kyle Logan

Managing Director – Client Relations

Kyle Logan is a charismatic and ambitious team member always looking for an opportunity to provide value to a person or an organization. Kyle created “Kyle Speaks” to serve as a motivational speaker and mentor to area youth. Kyle also is the co-founder of Logan and Barnes Homeless Charity, programming around poverty issues and people in need. This passion for assisting people was instilled at an early age by his father, Pastor Kendall Logan of Mt. Zion Baptist Church.

These attributes extend in the business world to assist our clients in diversifying their career options or working through the creation of their foundations. As a former college basketball player at Manchester University with a degree focus in Sports Management, Kyle understands life after athletics and entertainment while identifying with the diverse interest of people. Entertainers, athletes, and musicians have other aspirations outside of their primary profession and are in need of developing those areas. As a business owner of Under Pressure LLC and brand creator of apparel, Kyle assists our clients in reaching their peripheral goals.

Kyle is responsible for client prospecting, client relations, and front-line communications for the J.C. Baker Management company

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