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Limitless Opportunities

J.C. Baker Sports and Entertainment with its extensive network of industry leaders, creates limitless opportunities for the Athletes, Musicians, Entertainers, and High Net Worth Individuals of today’s popular culture. With a passion for excellence that is only matched by our clients, J.C. Baker Sports and Entertainment is focused on providing an experience where our clients can achieve all of their dreams and maximize their opportunities.


Why Choose J.C. Baker Sports and Entertainment?

At J.C. Baker Sports and Entertainment we believe in cultivating direct one to one relationships with our clients so we can truly get to know them as the individual they. This lets us learn their motivations, dreams, personal strategy allowing us to tailor a personalized management and brand strategy for that accomplishes our client’s goals and dreams.



Life & Executive Coaching

We offer services that analyze the process of personal projects, business changes, personal transitions, and general conditions for our clients. We specialize in increasing confidence, self-worth, identity, purpose, destiny, value proposition, time-management and a host of individualized services.

Appointed leaders carry the burden of ensuring success for their members and stakeholders. It is incumbent upon the leadership to have answers for the evolving businesses they occupy. Our executive coaching programs provide resources to the appointed leaders looking to uncover barriers, obstacles, and missing aspects of their business.

Marketing / Brand Development

Our personalized marketing plans focus on increasing brand awareness and popularity on social media and within the community by implementing fan engagements, appearances, endorsements and other community initiatives.

Career Transition

Many athletes, musicians, and entertainers struggle with the concept of leaving the career responsible for their fame, livelihood, or identity. Having the ability to withstand a significant transition successfully does not happen alone. Our experts, network, and eco-system will appropriately guide and management your transition into a new life of passion and value. Searching for that next opportunity or stage in your life is critically essential for living a fulfilled and meaningful life.

Money Management

As a high-net-worth individual, our management strategies extend past simple products and philosophies. We take a holistic approach to the management of finances for our clients from their investment portfolio to tax benefits, to the businesses they purchase or create. Every financial decision made creates a direct proportional impact on other economic aspects in life. Our business and financial experts will guide you successfully in your decision-making towards your financial outlook the long-term.


Learn the tools and resources needed to trade in the stock market. We make understanding complex option trading simple with high-level tips and analytical recognition. We take the guess-work out of diversifying your investment strategies by giving you the teaching and training to equip you to take control of your investment portfolio regardless if it is a bull, bear, or flat market.

Entrepreneurship Strategy

Creating your own company can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. To maximize your opportunity for success in the entrepreneurship space, allow our proven techniques and team of experts guide your process. We assist in avoiding costly mistakes for first-time entrepreneurs. One misconception in business is the notion that high-level status or a high amount of financial resources will create an immediate successful business. This level of belief causes failure and economic waste. Without the appropriate team, knowledge, strategy, and value proposition, the chances of success decrease. We prevent these errors for our clients.


Ali Barnes

President – Business Management
J.C. Baker Sports and Entertainment

Kyle Logan

Director of Client Relations

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